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Wednesday May 25 2016 
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Welcome to Breezers Netball Club

Breezers Netball Club is based in Bushey, Hertfordshire with teams in a variety of leagues across Middlesex and Hertfordshire

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Breezers start New Year with a bang!
Jan 3, 2016, 10:51 pm

 Breezers 23 - Tisha Tigers 8

Team - Louise, Sarah, Amina, Jo Q, Michaela, Julie, Karen, Heather and Katherine.

2016 started with a few minor problems!!

Firstly we couldn't get into the school grounds and we completely blocked the road! Then we could only get in through a side gate and had to abandon all our cars!  And Finally, nobody knew who each team were playing!!

We finally got started at 9.45, it was raining and cold and we hadn't warmed up so the first quarter wasn't great; few bad balls, cold and wet hands but we finished 5-4 up. 

Second quarter was much better, another 10 goals against their 1. Some great defending by Julie and Louise, accurate shooting by Sarah and Heather and some lovely passing into the semi-circle by Michaela and Amina meant we pulled ahead!

We had a change of players for the 3rd quarter, with Heather and Julie  being replaced by Katherine and Karen.  We only played 7 minutes this quarter but by the end we were winning 19-7.

Last quarter (7 minutes again) we went out to get as many goals as possible. 

Finished the game 23-8. Well played everyone, a great start to the year! 

Breezers v Falcons @ Middlesex 21st November
Nov 22, 2015, 9:31 pm

Katherine Jess Rhiannon Debs Clare Heather Sophie Emma Chezza and Hayley.

This game had all four seasons in it. Snow, rain, wind and sun! I am sure the local chemist would have sold out of arnica cream (for bruises) after this game.

Due to the ridiculous wind, it took along time for each team to settle in the first quarter, and goals were very hard to come by; this quarter ended 4 - 3 to Breezers!  In the second quarter we went out with conviction and scored another 10 goals to Falcons 7. This end seemed slightly less windy for shooting!!

We started the 3rd quarter with the sun shining but still very cold. Katherine, Rhi and Jess made some brilliant interceptions allowing the attack to bring the ball down to the shooters but together with the sun and some ridiculously windy conditions made it very hard for Sophie and Heather to shoot, the ball was going everywhere which was very frustrating for them. We likened it to playing paper toss on the iphone minus the wind direction and strength clues! The score at the end of this quarter was 19 - 16 to Breezers.

In final quarter we went out with sheer determination to beat this team and we did. The team worked so hard in some atrocious weather. It was a very physical game and I am sure everyone has some bruises to prove it. Katherine was not going to allow the GS any freedom or allow her to win a toss up. Jess hunted all the time making it extremely hard for the Falcons to pass the ball easily. Meanwhile Clare was sending some great passes into the circle making her WD feel very frustrated at not being able to stop this.
Heather and Sophie had some brilliant court play and converted many shots to goals in this quarter.

Final score Breezers 25 Falcons 22.
The team worked so hard in very difficult conditions making the end result even more victorious. Well done to you all!

Player of the match. Well deserved Sarg Katherine

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